A space to listen and be heard

Founded in 2010, Earwaker is a unique and intimate electro-acoustic listening space, designed for small (a maximum audience of 12-14 people) performances of chamber and electronic music as well as being a retreat for composing music and rendering sound recordings. Earwaker accepts submissions and proposals on a limited basis. Current users include David Mecionic, Christopher Tannis, Eric Roth and Bob Lukomski.

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Our Mission

Earwaker is an environment for the creation of music, free of spectacle and dogma.

Earwaker Performance Series

EPS 1101

Eric Roth, Lute

February 19, 2011

EPS 1102

Richard Kamerman & Jason Kahn, Electronics

April 1, 2011

EPS 1203


March 11, 2012

EPS 1204

Duane Pitre

March 27, 2012

EPS 1505

Sheduton series

February - June, 2015

EPS 1506

Quiet Village domestic beta

September 19, 2015

EPS 2007

Quiet Village 3.0: Sounds In Seclusion

September 27, 2020

More than a building,

it’s an ongoing narrative

of a small patch

of music in

the 21st century.

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